Scar Wars

  • $20.00


That bothersome scar that won’t go away can really be an annoyance. Take matters into your own hands to get rid of that pesky scar with this lavender based healing elixir! Rub it onto newly forming or old scars once in the morning and once at night to reduce the appearance of or eliminate scars on your skin.

‘Use the Force’ supplied in this healing elixir to aid in skin scar reduction utilizing the cell-regenerating properties of lavender and other essential oils that promote skin health. On newer wounds, lavender’s known anti-inflammatory properties aid in the reduction of scar formation. To use, use the rub on roller to apply directly to an old scar or newly forming scar. Apply once in the morning and once at night. The essential oils in Scar Wars are strongly concentrated, so it is important not to over-apply this product. A small amount goes a long ways.

Ingredients:  Organic jojoba oil; organic grapeseed oil; organic essential oil blend; vitamin E

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