Teton Toner - Sunset

Teton Toner - Sunset

  • $10.00


When the sun starts to set on the Idaho side of the Teton range, the light striking the mountains gives off an almost otherworldly glow. Before you lay yourself down to go to sleep, use the Sunset Teton Toner to make sure your face keeps its otherworldly beauty, too. Revitalize your skin after cleansing with the healing power of lavender and the antioxidants of green tea. Great for acne, cooling off, skin irritation and inflammation.

The Sunset version of our Teton Toner is made to be the toner you use before you go to bed, to moisturize your face through the night and soothe to sleep with the aromas of lavender. Toners help to moisturize, refresh, and protect your skin, shrink your pores, and balance the PH of your skin. The Sunset Teton Toner will also relax you as you go to sleep. To use, lightly spritz or spray in your hands and apply after washing your face or detoxing with a face mask. PH of 4.5.

Ingredients: Organic lavender (lavandula angustifolia) hydrosol; distilled water; organic green tea; organic jasmine green tea; organic empire green tea; witch hazel 

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